Alan Graham RAMSEY

3 January 1938 to 24 November 2020

Famously curmudgeonly to the end, Alan passed away after a long debilitating illness. Special thanks to the kind staff at Maranatha Lodge for the care that he received in that time.

Alan will be privately cremated.

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  • Caroline Jones AO

    Dear old classmate from Gosford High School NSW, my gratitude for your friendship, and for your distinguished legacy in journalism. You knew where all the ‘bodies were buried’ in Federal politics, and were never afraid to dig them up. You will remain a role model for the next generations of journalists – the truly curious, fearless ones who are ready to shine a light into dark places, and write truth to an increasingly unashamed power .
    Even better if their bite, like yours, is worse than their irascible bark.
    And wherever you are going next, dear old friend, there’s bound to be a welcoming chorus rejoicing, ‘Ah, Ramsey, at last you’re here … now we can get stuck into a really good argument !’

  • mary andrews

    He will be sorely missed – one of a kind- and fearless with a sharp mind

  • John Lewis

    Alan – so many memories of Gosford High School days and the years that followed. You were a wonderful friend and companion at school, at reunions, at many lunches and on the trip to Sandakan where your excitement at seeing Tosca’s name in the memorial book stopped everything going on in the church. I hope the old Flakelar – Ramsey Point Frederick gang have re-gathered and telling all the old stories. Jean and I admired your journalism and loved your stories about your experiences. All the curmudgeon references are no surprise because you always were. But also greatly respected and admired. Whatever did happen to that green suit?

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